Scientific Names : Hedyotis diffusa (Willd.) Roxb., Oldenlandia diffusa (Willd.) Roxb.

Common Names: Bai Hua She She Cao, She She Cao, Ai Jiao Bai Hua She She Cao, She She Huang, Mu Mu Sheng Zhu Cao, Jie Jie Jie Rui Cao, Liao Ge Li, Qian Da Chui, Yang Xu Cao, She Zong Guan, He She Cao, Xi Ye liu Zi, Lung Tu Zhu, Zhu Zhai Cao.

Pharmaceutical Name: Herba hedyotidis Diffusae.


Distribution: Throughout south east Asia and southern China.

Characteristics: A herbelet. Stem spreading out and branching. Leaves opposite, linear, sessile, with two stipules. Flower solitary or in pairs, axillary, white and small. Sweet and bland in taste, cool in nature, and attributive to lung, liver, urinary bladder and large intestine channels.

Source: Herb of Hedyotis diffusa Willd., family Rubiaceae.

Medicinal Parts: The whole plant.

Properties: Sweet, bland, slightly bitter and slightly cold. Clears heat and toxin, activates blood circulation, removes blood-stasis, promotes diuresis and relieves stranguria.

[ 来源 ]  为茜草科植物白花蛇舌草 Hedyotis diffusa Willd 及伞房花耳草 H . corymbosa L .的本草。

[ 概述 ]  白花蛇草为茜草科耳草属植物,以全草供药用,具有清热解毒、利尿消肿、活血止痛的功能。由于用量大,野生资源减少,宜适当发展人工栽培,满足用药需要。主产于福建,广东,广西,云南,浙 江,江 苏,安徽等省区。
 [ 形态 ]  1 年生草本。株高 15-70 厘米。茎纤弱,披散,略带方形或圆柱形,无毛。叶对生,无柄,条形至条状披针形,先端渐尖,基部渐窄,全缘,革质。花单生或 2 朵生于叶腋,花萼筒状, 4 裂;花冠白色,漏斗形。蒴果,扁球形;种子棕黄色,极细小,具 3 棱角。花期 7-9 月,周期 8-10 月。

植物形态:一年生草本,全株无毛,高 20 ~ 50cm 。茎纤细微扁,从基部分枝。叶对生,线形,长 1 ~ 2mm ,基部合生,顶部芒尖;无叶柄。花单生或对生于叶腋,常具短粗的花梗,长 2 ~ 3 (~ 5 ) mm ;花萼筒顶端有开展的 4 齿裂;花冠筒状,白色,裂片 4 ;雄蕊 4 ,生于花冠筒喉部,与裂片互生,花药突出;花柱丝状,花 2 ~ 3mm ,柱头 2 裂,裂片宽扁,有乳头状凸点。蒴果扁球形,直径 2 ~ 2.5mm ,室背 2 裂,宿萼裂片长 1.5 ~ 2mm 。花果期 7 ~ 8 月。 生于旷野、池塘边草丛中。分布于我国南部。


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Chemical ingredients: Oleanolic acid, Trans p-coumaric acid, Ursolic acid, Sitosterol, β-sitosterol, Flavone.

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抗癌药理:本品粗制剂 0.5-lg/ml 体外对吉田肉瘤、艾氏腹水瘤及多种白血病癌细胞有抑制作用。白花蛇舌草素体外实验对腹水型肝癌有抑制作用。其三萜酸类对淋巴肉瘤 1 号腹水型、 U14 、肝癌实体型肉瘤 S180 有抑制作用。香豆精类訳 14 、 S180 、肝癌有抑制作用。多糖类对淋巴肉瘤 1 号腹水型、艾氏腹水癌皮下型均有抑制作用。齐墩果酸抑制 S180 肿瘤的生长。体外对急性淋巴细胞型、粒细胞型、单核细胞型及慢性粒细胞型肿瘤细胞有较强抑制作用。

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Indications: Various kinds of tumor, especially tumors of digestive tract, lymphosarcoma, carcinoma of liver and larynx. Also for appendicitis, hepatitis, pneumonia, cholecystitis, urinary infection, furunculosis, cellulites and snake-bite.

Pharmacologic effects: The medicine exerts inhibitory effect on various kninds of human leukemia in vitro and liver cancer in mice, and on Walker carinoma 256, cervical carcinoma 14, sarcoma 180, liver cancer of parenchymal type in vivo. It inhibits the mitosis of sarcoma 180 cells, and promotes the activity of mononuclear macrophages and the function of adrenal cortex.

Medical functions: 1. Anti-bacteria, 2. Anti-inflammation, 3. Anti-tumor, 4. Anti-virus, 5. Enhances immune system.

  • Clear away heat and toxic material, promote blood circula-tion and remove blood stasis: For sthenia-heat syndrome in qifen and heat-toxic syndrome, especially for appendicitis, sorethroat and mumps; for acne, seborheic dermatitis, and various kinds of tumours, such as tumours of digestive tract, carcinoma of liver, pancreas and urinary bladder, lymphoma, hysteromyoma, etc.; also for snake bite.
  • Clear away dampness-heat: For jaundice of dampness-heat type, used together with Spica Prunella e (xia ku cao) and Radix Glycyrrhizae (gan cao) ; infectious hepa-titis including acute, chronic and fulminant types, also for stranguria of heat-type, leucorrhagia of dampness-heat type and edema.
  • Pharmacological Action

  • Its components coumarins, triterpenes, poly-saccharide and "B" sitosterol inhibit the growth of sarcoma 180 and cervix carcinoma 14 in vitro.
  • Promoting white cell phagocytosis and humoral immunity.
  • Uses : for clearing heat, fire toxicity , abscesses,  toxic sores, ulcerations, swellings, snake bites, sore throat, bronchitis, tonsillitis, and  hemorrhoids. Clears heat,  hot painful urinary tract infection and damp heat jaundice. Promotes urination.

    Functions: to relieve heat, detoxicate, stimulate circulation. Render diuresis.

    Indications: malignant tumor, urethral infections, pharyngitis, tonsilities.

    抗肿瘤作用 : 在体外(相当生药 6g/ml )对急性淋巴细胞型、粒细胞型、单核细胞型以及慢性粒细胞型的肿瘤细胞有较强抑制作用(美蓝试管法) ; 用瓦氏呼吸器测定,对前二者的抑制作用亦较强。曾用浸膏于小鼠 S 一 180 和艾氏腹水癌,以及大鼠吉田肉瘤的实验性治疗,皆无明显抗癌作用 ;0.5-1g 生药 /ml 在体外对吉田肉瘤和艾氏腹水癌有抑制(美蓝试管法),但作者认为此属非特殊性的。

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    In rare cases, allergic reactions of discomfort and rash and itches may show up on the upper limbs with sharp itchiness, and may cause breathing difficulty.