December 23, 2012
Chinese medicine yields secrets to scientists at The Scripps Research Institute
LA JOLLA, CA – December 23, 2012 - The mysterious inner workings of Chang Shan - a Chinese herbal medicine used for thousands of years to treat fevers associated with malaria - have been uncovered thanks to a high-resolution structure solved at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI)  
Oct 15, 2007
Can Ancient Herbs Treat Cancer?
The Chinese herb Ban Zhi Lian may not be in everyone's lexicon, but to the 80 women with stage IV metastatic breast cancer, who are participating in the second phase of the BZL101 clinical trials, it represents hope and life... The patients took 12 g a day of Ban Zhi Lian, a dose that's three times more concentrated than the amount found in a cup of brewed tea. After about a year, 25% of the patients saw stabilization in their disease for 90 days, and 19% for 180 days.  
Apr 19, 2007
Chinese herbs may with breast cancer chemotherapy side effects
Using Chinese herbs either alone or in conjunction with chemotherapy may help protect a breast cancer patient¡¯s bone marrow and immune system, as well as improving the woman¡¯s overall quality of life.  
Mar 19, 2006
Ginseng may improve survival and quality of life after a diagnosis of breast cancer
Shu and colleagues assessed the effects of ginseng use in breast cancer survivors as part of a large epidemiological study, Shanghai Breast Cancer Study, which has followed 1,455 breast cancer patients in Shanghai since 1996... Before diagnosis, about a quarter of patients (27.4 percent) reported using ginseng regularly. After diagnosis, that percentage jumped to 62.8 percent, the researchers found. They also found significant improvements in both survival and quality of life measures in patients who used ginseng. "When patients used ginseng prior to diagnosis, they tended to have higher survival," Shu explained. "Ginseng use after cancer diagnosis was related to improved quality of life."  
May 5th, 2004
Chinese Herb May Have Cancer Fighting Properties
– " NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A popular Chinese herb was able to ward off the development of cancerous abnormalities in…" 
Mar 23rd, 2004
USPTO Supports Greater Protection for Traditional Knowledge and Folklore
– "The Commerce Department's United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) supported..." 
Feb 19th, 2004
Eye of the Dragon
– “The sweet longan…literally means dragon eye…used as a herb in traditional Chinese medicine…anti-cancer and anti-aging food also nurtures kidneys, lungs…” 
Feb 4th, 2004
HK receives grants for Chinese Medicine study projects
– “…Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) announced her Wednesday that the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine..."
Oct 28th, 2003
Skullcap for Cancer
– “…some of the newest cancer-fighting drugs. But…New studies show anticancer effects in ginger, tea made from a Chinese herb called barbed skullca, and…" 
July 31st, 2003
Scientists Find Antitumor Compounds In Magnolia Cones
– “ The beloved southern magnolia, state flower of Louisiana and Mississippi, could provide more to cancer patients than shade and…"
Oct 17th, 2002
Chinese Herb Found Effective in Controlling Liver Cancer– “Traditional Chinese herb Ganoderma lucidum is proving effective in limiting the growth of liver cancer.A research team..."
July 9th, 2002
Local breakthrough in anti-cancer herbs discovered from Taiwan's United Daily News
– “A major breakthrough has been made in a locally developed anti-cancer medicine with…” 
Jan 16th, 2002
Herb extract appears to trigger 'suicide' in cancer cells
–“ People with cancer may find new hope in the form of an old Chinese herb. An extract of the herb, called triptolide…” 

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