Treatment of Post-remission Acute Myeloid Leukemia by Lingxiong Piaoling Power and Longchan Cigu Decoction SU Er-yun, CHEN Hui-shu, HAN Yue mei Affiliated Hospital to Ahejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou (310014)

Objective: To explore the effect of the treatment for long-term disease-free survival (DFS) of post-remis­sion patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Methods: Twenty-nine AML patients with completely re­mission (CR) and 17 with partial remission (PR) were treated with Chinese medicine, Longchan Cigu Decoc­tion 1 dose per day and Lingxiong Piaoling Powder 7 doses per month, and combined with DA or HA regimen of chemotherapy one course per year. Patients peripheral blood picture, bone marrow smear, biopsy and human leukocyte antigen DR (HLA-DR) cells were examined before and after treatment, and their disease-free survival (DFS) was followed up. Results: After treated with above mentioned treatment for 2 months, percentage of pa­tients with normal peripheral blood count increased, including patients with WBC~4.0 X l0~/L raised from 46% to 70% , with Hb~120g/L from 17% to 46% and with PLT~100 X 10 9 /L from 63% to 85% ; nucleated cell volume in bone marrow increased from 35.83 ± 28.42% to 60.46 ± 17.73% (P<0.01 ) ;HLA-DR cell was also increased significantly from 10 .55 ± 4 95 % to 14 .84 ± 4 .94% (P < 0 .01); while the residual leukemia cells were not increased in one year, from 5.90 ± 5 .09% before and 5.82 ± 2 .42% after treatment (P >0.05). The maximal DF'S in panents was 123 months. The 3-year survival rate was 64.15 ± 1.96% and S-year survival rate was 51.19 ± 16.25%. Conclusion: The integrative Chinese and western medicine treating program used in this study is beneficial for the long-term treatment of AML patients after complete remission.

Key words acute nsyeloid leukemia, long-term disease-free survival, Lingxiong Piaoling powder, Longchan Cigti decoction